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Largest places in Kyrgyzstan

The largest cities and places in Kyrgyzstan at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Kyrgyzstan.

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Largest places in Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek Bishkek1.Bishkek Bishkek900,000
Osh Osh2.Osh Osh200,000
Jalal-Abad Jalal-Abad3.Jalal-Abad Jalal-Abad75,700
Karakol Karakol4.Ysyk-Koel Ysyk-Köl70,171
Tokmok Tokmok5.Chuy Chüy63,047
Kara-Balta Kara-Balta6.Chuy Chüy62,796
Naryn Naryn7.Naryn Naryn52,300
Uzgen Uzgen8.Osh Osh40,360
Balykchy Balykchy9.Ysyk-Koel Ysyk-Köl40,000
Talas Talas10.Talas Talas35,172
Kyzyl-Kyya Kyzyl-Kyya11.Batken Batken32,000
Bazar-Korgon Bazar-Korgon12.Jalal-Abad Jalal-Abad27,704
Iradan Iradan13.Batken Batken26,200
Tash-Kumyr Tash-Kumyr14.Jalal-Abad Jalal-Abad23,594
Kant Kant15.Chuy Chüy20,181
Toktogul Toktogul16.Jalal-Abad Jalal-Abad19,336
Cholpon-Ata Cholpon-Ata17.Ysyk-Koel Ysyk-Köl18,595
Kara Suu Kara Suu18.Osh Osh17,800
Isfana Isfana19.Batken Batken16,952
Kyzyl-Suu Kyzyl-Suu20.Ysyk-Koel Ysyk-Köl16,927
At-Bashi At-Bashi21.Naryn Naryn15,226
Suluktu Suluktu22.Batken Batken15,019
Nookat Nookat23. 14,371
Tyup Tyup24.Ysyk-Koel Ysyk-Köl13,437
Aydarken Aydarken25.Batken Batken11,857
Ak-Suu Ak-Suu26.Ysyk-Koel Ysyk-Köl10,823
Kaindy Kaindy27.Chuy Chüy10,616
Kemin Kemin28.Chuy Chüy10,295
Batken Batken29.Batken Batken10,155
Sosnovka Sosnovka30.Chuy Chüy5,885
Kadzhi-Say Kadzhi-Say31.Ysyk-Koel Ysyk-Köl4,000
Karavan Karavan32.Batken Batken1,100

1 - 32 of 32 places

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